It's ok to feel anxiety about the COVID-19 vaccine. Below is a set of clear responses to common vaccine concerns that we hope will help you make the best decision for yourself, or to help your friends, family, or community to make the best decision for themselves.

I’m worried about...

“I just don’t trust the government.”

Honestly, that’s fair. Governments have done some pretty shady/scary things in the past. BUTTT, these vaccines have been developed by medical experts in service to the public. Scientists all over the world were working together to develop the vaccine. Governments are there to distribute and provide resources - as a support. Vaccines are there if you choose to use them. The option and choice is ultimately yours.

“All the incentives make me suspicious. If it’s so great why do we need all of those?

Well initially, they didn’t have incentives, and people were scrambling to get the vaccine. Remember the loooong lines, and sold out appointments? Now that there are extra vaccines, people are offering incentives to make it easier to get vaccinated! For example, if you need to take time off work, the incentive might make it easier to do that.

“People like me have been discriminated against by the healthcare system.”

That’s a super valid concern. Unfortunately, our government doesn’t have a great track record, but in this case, human rights groups, advocacy groups, and governments are on the same page that this vaccine is good for everyone!

“I just don’t want to be told what to do!”

We get that, but we have to do things for the greater good and to protect ourselves all the time! At school you have to do what you’re told to do in class, at work you have to do tasks. And there are often consequences for ourselves or others if we don’t. In fact, you probably had to get a few vaccines to be able to go to school or travel!

“It’s in God’s hands. If I’m going to get it, I’m going to get it. If it’s my time, it’s my time.”

Definitely, God is protecting us but we hope They would want us also to take precautions to protect ourselves too - like stopping at the stop light or wearing a seatbelt or eating healthy foods to live longer lives. And when we protect ourselves, we protect others too, like the wonderful grandmas who we may pass on the street or in our homes.